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We’re all About Dentures at Northwest Dental

The creation of each denture begins with a thorough oral examination so that our denturists can identify any potential problems that may affect your success in wearing dentures, as well as screen for medical abnormalities. Following the initial examination, the denturist will prescribe an individualized course of appointments to ensure that you get the best outcome based on your needs. Our denturists take pride in creating dentures that function and appear natural and pleasing to their patients. Our denturists will spend time with you discussing the appearance of your new dentures as well as recording the position of your jaw so that the dentures not only look good, but function properly.


One of the most exciting denture appointments at Northwest Dental is the try-in appointment. Most denture patients will have a try-in. At this appointment, you will be able preview your new dentures! The denture teeth will be set on custom trays that fit your mouth so that you can put them in and see your new smile before it is finished. The denturist will have the denture teeth set in wax so that any changes to the position of the teeth can easily be made. We encourage input from family and/or friends at this stage of the process. It is frustrating and disappointing to think you have a beautiful set of teeth only to be told by a loved one that they don’t like them.


Once your dentures have been made and placed in your mouth, it will be your turn to get to work! Wearing dentures is not a natural ability, and it will take time and patience to learn how to speak and eat with them. Initially, you may feel as though the dentures are too big or that that you have too much in your mouth. This is normal and it will take time for your muscles and tongue to become accustomed to the feel of the dentures in your mouth. The denturists at Northwest Dental will be available to help you as you become accustomed to wearing your new dentures and provide adjustments as needed.

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