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Have you been told that you need to wear a nightguard? Does your partner wake you at night because you are grinding your teeth? Do you wake in the mornings with headaches and facial or jaw pain? Night grinding, also known as bruxism, poses a serious threat to oral health when it occurs regularly. There are over two dozen negative consequences to bruxism, including many that can lead to tooth loss and the failure of restorations, such as crowns and bridges and even implants! (1). It also can cause jaw and tooth pain and wears down your teeth, causing a change in your appearance over time. It is important to treat this condition to help maintain your oral health and protect your financial investment into the restoration of your teeth. 

There are many sources of this condition, but it is not well understood why they cause bruxism. There are therapies that can be effective in treating this condition, such as biofeedback therapy, psychological care, and medication. However, it is important to understand that there is no way to cure this condition completely, so a nightguard is also required to protect your teeth (2). You may choose to purchase one over the counter or have one custom-made to fit your teeth. The benefits of purchasing an over the counter nightguard are the low price and the convenience of purchase. However, they may not last long, they may be uncomfortable, and dental insurance will not cover the expense.

At Northwest Dental, we can custom-fabricate a nightguard for you. The benefits of this option are that custom nightguards can be used for a long time, are comfortable to wear after an initial adjustment period, and can be professionally adjusted to increase comfort. In addition, your dental insurance may cover a portion of the expense. However, because they are a custom product, they require impressions to be taken of your teeth and will be more expensive than over the counter nightguards. Please feel free to discuss your options with one of our providers at Northwest Dental the next time you are in our office or call to make an appointment.

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