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The majority of Americans have at least some missing teeth, and within the next 15 years, some 200 million will most likely have partial dentures. The experts at Northwest Dental will be happy to discuss whether a partial denture might be right for you. Call today, or book an appointment online, at one of the Washington locations in Bellingham, Burlington, Arlington, Everett, or Oak Harbor.

Partial Dentures Q & A

What are partials?

A partial denture is a good solution for someone who is missing a few teeth but still has some natural teeth. It is a set of acrylic teeth attached to a metal band that fits in your mouth like a retainer. Partials are custom-designed to fit your mouth and fill in gaps with artificial teeth.

Unlike bridges, which are cemented in, partials are removable. The framework that holds the acrylic teeth is strong, making partials a good choice for many people.

What are the types of partials available?

Northwest Dental offers three different types of partial dentures, and the one your dentist recommends for you will depend on several factors.

Metal Framework

Partials with a metal framework are the most common type, and they offer several benefits. They’re very strong and restore the ability to chew comfortably. This type attaches to the natural teeth using clasps, and are custom-designed in the offices of Northwest Dental.

It usually requires three or four visits to be fully fitted with metal framework partials. Your dentist creates a model of your mouth so the denture can be designed to fit you. The metal framework is made in an outside lab, but the rest of the partial is constructed in the Northwest Dental office.

Flexible Partials

Instead of a metal framework, flexible partials are made from a vinyl material. This type of partial is more comfortable and is extremely strong. They do not require metal clasps, and many people feel they are more natural-looking than partials with metal framework.

Acrylic Partials

Acrylic partial dentures are often used as a temporary fix while a more permanent solution is being planned. Acrylic partials are the least expensive type but have a limited lifespan. They are most often used in cases where one or more front teeth are missing.

What are the benefits of partials?

Missing teeth can make you more vulnerable to tooth decay, because the remaining teeth may shift, making your bite is uneven, so there’s more pressure on your remaining teeth. Nutrition may suffer because your ability to chew is affected by missing teeth. For some people, missing teeth even cause difficulty with speaking.

Partial dentures can restore your ability to chew comfortably and speak clearly and can improve oral hygiene. Additionally, partials can make you feel better about your appearance, which can give you more confidence in your day-to-day life.