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We’re all About Dentures at Northwest Dental

Dentures have always been one of the key services provided at Northwest Dental. In fact, dentures are one of our main areas of expertise! With highly skilled denturists on staff who pride themselves in their workmanship and an in house dental laboratory, w
Feb 14th, 2019


Have you been told that you need to wear a nightguard? Does your partner wake you at night because you are grinding your teeth? Do you wake in the mornings with headaches and facial or jaw pain? Night grinding, also known as bruxism, poses a serious threat
Jun 22nd, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Tooth Replacement Options

While the idea of losing your natural teeth can be scary, you can be assured that the staff at Northwest Dental will work with you to help you choose replacement options that are best for your unique situation. Please feel free to schedule an appointment t
Jun 22nd, 2020