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Full Mouth Reconstruction Specialist

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When many teeth are damaged or missing due to an accident or medical condition, a full mouth reconstruction can be the solution. The professionals at Northwest Dental are experienced in performing full-mouth reconstruction and are happy to discuss your personal needs. Book an appointment online or call one of the Washington locations of Northwest Dental, in Bellingham, Burlington, Arlington, Everett, or Oak Harbor, to learn more about your options for full mouth reconstruction.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Q & A

What causes the need for full-mouth reconstruction?

There are many reasons people need full-mouth reconstruction. Just a few are:

  • Trauma
  • Decay
  • Long-term acid erosion
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Congenital problems

What kinds of procedures are involved in full-mouth reconstruction?

The procedures you need will depend on your situation and specific issues. For example, some people need surgery to reposition their jaws while others only need dental procedures that repair and restore their teeth. Often, full-mouth reconstruction involves one or more of the following:

  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Bridges
  • Braces
  • Veneers

The dentists at Northwest Dental provide thorough consultations for patients who need full-mouth reconstruction and take each person’s individual needs into account.

What are the steps involved in full-mouth reconstruction?

The first step is a comprehensive exam, along with a discussion of your dental issues and history and your goals. A full-mouth reconstruction combines restorative dentistry with cosmetic dentistry in order to give the patient both improved function and appearance. The professionals at Northwest Dental are experienced in both types of procedures and can explain which procedures may benefit you and why.

In addition to your regular dentist, you may need to consult with an oral surgeon, periodontist, or orthodontist. You will most likely have X-rays taken and impressions of your teeth made so that the dentist can create a model of your mouth.

Following a comprehensive exam, your dentist will likely want to address any issues with your teeth and gums that must be resolved before additional procedures can be performed. For example, some patients require procedures called scaling and root planing to correct periodontal issues and ensure there’s a strong foundation for your new smile.

Your dentist will also address any problems with the joints and muscles in your jaw. The way that your teeth come together when your mouth is closed, or when you chew, is incredibly important to your health -- both your oral health and your overall health.

Once issues affecting your health are resolved, the overall balance and harmony of your smile will be taken into consideration. The length, shape, and alignment of your teeth will be considered, as well as the color and relation to your gums and lips.