Implants – Mini

miniature implants

Mini implants are intended to offer new opportunities for individuals who are looking to keep their lower denture stable. We can now place these implants in as little as one visit, without the difficulties of major oral surgery and long healing times. Placement of the mini implants is quick and easy in our dental office, and requires only local anesthesia. It is a one-step procedure that involves marginally invasive surgery, no sutures, and short healing times.

There are many benefits when you choose mini implants over conventional implants.

  • Mini implants are easy to place and do not require cutting of the gums.
  • The small diameter implants can be immediately connected to your denture instead of the typical waiting period that conventional implants require.
  • All this time and savings translates into cost savings as well; mini implants cost about half as much as conventional implants.