Hard and Soft Relines

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There are 2 kinds of ways to retrofit dentures if they are not lined up appropriately in the mouth. The very first method is called a hard reline.

Hard Reline

The process of a hard reline consists of placing a material in the denture that will strengthen and improve the overall fit. A reline is needed when a denture or partial has become loose due to shrinkage of the gums. Shrinkage is normal and can occur after extractions, changes due to age, or even weight loss. Relines are done in our on-site dental lab and can be competed in one day.

Soft Reline

A soft reline is a “cushion like” material placed in a complete lower denture to help those patients who do not have an adequate ridge. This type of reline helps keep the lower denture from moving around and alleviates sore spots. A soft liner can be placed in a new denture or in an existing one. It is specially made in our on-site dental lab and can be completed in one day.

In case your dentures require repair, it is normally not a tedious procedure. Denture repairs can often be done quickly, often within the hour. There are a number of methods dentures can be fixed depending upon what occurred. If the denture has cracked or become distorted through the pink acrylic portion, a hard reline might be necessary. If a tooth has actually fallen out the procedure will be a bit simpler. The very best way to prevent any denture repair is proper care.

It is very important to take good care of your dentures, so you can get the best value for your cash, while likewise looking good and feeling comfortable. When not in use, dentures ought to be kept in cold water or a cleansing solution. Do not clean dentures with hotter water as it can warp the acrylic. Toothpaste and routine toothbrushes can be too abrasive on your dentures, so it’s recommended to acquire a denture cleaning paste particularly made to be more sensitive, such as Polident and a denture brush. With routine oral assessments, you can be sure to get the most from the comfort and fit of your dentures.

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